Mobile application for the purchase, activation and validation of tickets in public city transport

Your ticket is in the app!

How to use the Smartica application?

The service is based on the cooperation with our contractual partners; transport operators on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. By using the Smartica app, you can purchase individual/single-ride or daily tickets for public city transport.

It is not necessary to enter or store credit card data, it is enough to download the Smartica mobile application from Google Play or the Apple Store, select the type of digital ticket you want to purchase, validate the purchased ticket in the vehicle and you are ready to go!

You will receive the payment confirmation in the form of an SMS sent to your mobile device with all data on the amount charged. The purchased digital ticket is located within the Smartica mobile application.

For postpaid users, the purchased tickets will be charged as part of the monthly bill, and for prepaid users the amount will be taken off immediately from the prepaid account.

Your telecom operator will charge your account with the amount of the purchased product/service and the amount for the carried out payment transaction.

The application can be used by users of all telecom operators within the Smartica system:

  • A1 postpaid and prepaid users
  • Tomato postpaid and prepaid users
  • T-mobile postpaid and prepaid users
  • Simpa prepaid users
  • Bonbon postpaid and prepaid users
  • Tele 2 postpaid and prepaid users

How to access the application?

The Smartica mobile application can be accessed via the Google Play and Apple Store and is completely free of charge.

The service is available to:

  • Android users (min. version Android 5)
  • iOS users (min. version iOS 9)




The mobile application supports the public transport systems of the following transport operators: