Turistički SIM Turistički SIM

With A1 prepaid tourist SIM you will get:

10 days of unlimited surfing for 10 €

100 minutes/SMS messages within Croatia, with no call setup fee

Great prices on international minutes and SMS messages to your country

5G speed

TRIO SIM (standard, micro and nano SIM card)

75,35 kn

Top up your prepaid account with the amount you want

Odaberi način plaćanja

What else you need to know?



Basic prices  
Calls to landline networks in your country*  0,44 kn
Calls to all networks in Croatia  1,02 kn
SMS sent to all networks in Croatia and to your country* 0,44 kn
Data traffic 0,44kn


All other prices are charged acoording to the current price list. A call setup fee of 0,29 kn is applied to all calls, except to countries inside EU/EEA zone.
*Prices apply to following countries:
•    from EU/EEA zone: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Great Britain
•    from other zones: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland.


A1 Customer Service: 0800 091 091 (calls from A1 prepaid numbers are free of charge)

You can use the 5G network only with the 5G equipped devices. Maximum speed depends on the 5G signal strength, type of device and the current network load.


How do I get a A1 Tourist SIM card?

It's simple! You can get a A1 10 days unlimited surfing almost anywhere - buy it online here or at newsstands, petrol stations, supermarkets, Hrvatska Pošta post offices and at A1 stores throughout Croatia for 75,35 kn.

How can I activate my SIM card?

You can activate your SIM card in two simple steps:

1) Insert the A1 10 days unlimited surfing SIM card in your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or WiFi modem.
2) Connect to the Internet or make your first call and your A1 number with the Tourist tariff, as well as the 10 days package will be automatically activated at the price of 75,35 kn.

10 days package - the best choice when traveling!

For a full ten days and only 75,35 kn you get:

 Unlimited data traffic (100 GB at the maximum available tariff speed, once the included GB are spent, speed is reduced to 64 kb/s)
 100 min/SMS messages to all networks in Croatia with no call setup fee


What do I do if I spend my 10 days package and my vacation is not over yet?

If you spend your 10 days package before ten days expires, you can activate a new Daily package by sending a free SMS with the keyword DAILY to 13220.

You will receive an SMS notification one day before your Weekly package expires. If you don't want the package to be automatically reactivated and charged, you can deactivate it by sending an SMS with the keyword D to the number 13220.

You can check your current consumption at any time by sending a free SMS with the keyword ? to the number 13220.

Daily package 5G

You are in a situation when you urgently need Internet, but don't want the entire 10 days package?

No problem! You can activate the Daily package 5G for only 22,60 kn and enjoy 24 hours of unlimited 5G surfing!

To activate the Daily package, send a free SMS with the keyword DAILY to 13220.

Once the 24-hour period expires, the Daily package is automatically renewed, but you can also deactivate it by sending an SMS with the keyword D to 13220.

To check your current consumption, send a free SMS with the keyword ? to 13220.

How do I check my balance and recharge my A1 account?

You can purchase vouchers or recharge your A1 account at:

 this web page
 Moj A1 app
 ATM machines, petrol stations, Hrvatska Pošta post offices or at A1 stores throughout Croatia

Recharging is simple - just type *103*14-digit code # and press the call button.

To check the remaining balance of your A1 account, enter *101# and press the call button.

I'm currently using Weekly/ Daily option on Tourist tariff, what happens to it?

Weekly and Daily options are still available for activation and prolongation until May 2nd 2023.
From April 1st until May 2nd you can still activate Weekly option for 9,95 € or Daily option for 1,99 € but also you can already activate new 10 days Option for 10 € or Daily 5G option for 3 €.  

From May 3rd 2023 Weekly option as well as Daily option will be automatically deactivated and you can choose if you want to activate 10 days option or Daily 5G option to continue surfing unlimited on 5G speed.

Read A1 Welcome book

In document, you can find basic information that will help you use A1 services.

   Read Welcome book
All Terms of use you can find on this link.